Friday, May 22, 2015

What is NLP Coaching?

NLP Coaching is a blend of coaching and the use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) as a coaching model. It is a powerful set of techniques based on dissociative thinking and positive psychology that enables clients to change rapidly through reframing, techniques and processes, and ultimately get the results that they seek.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful methodology using techniques that help you to get better results rapidly and practically. “Neuro” is about what we think, “Linguistic” is about what we say, and filter “Programming” is about the strategy, pattern or habit that we run to get results. NLP is about understanding how we get or don’t get results and making the required changes.

Einstein said:The problems of today were caused by the thinking of yesterday.” We often think the same 80,000 thoughts daily. NLP is about thinking differently. When we study the NLP Practitioner Certification we become skilled in the techniques of NLP, rapid human change and the ability to help others develop effective communications with their unconscious minds and with other people. On a NLP Master Practitioner level we evolve our thinking through value elicitation, spiral dynamics and quantum linguistics in order to create our own techniques as per client requirements.

Coaching is a process whereby the coach guides the coachee towards a set outcome through asking questions. It is a reflective approach and empowers the client to find the answers within. NLP lends a set of powerful questions and linguistics to the coaching process that acts as an accelerator and helps people to change rapidly.

The advantages of coaching are:
  1. It helps you to exceed your boundaries
  2. It moves you from being stuck
  3. It gives you tools and resources
  4. It helps you to model excellence
  5. It grows you personally
  6. It builds self-esteem
  7. It helps with interpersonal relations
  8. It helps you be more productive
  9. It helps you achieve more …. and more … 

This is a process whereby the coach guides you as the coachee towards a set outcome through asking questions like “where are you now?”, “where do you want to be? “ and “what’s stopping you?” It is a reflective approach and empowers you to find your inner answers and then to work with them to achieve more.

The coach helps you to achieve 3 things:

1.       Catalysing Action - Initiation
2.       Accelerating Action - Achievement
3.       Discovery - Self-knowledge

We are all capable of achieving what we set our minds to, and this is usually achieved over a slightly longer period such as 2 years.  Coaching helps us to get there quicker; typically in a quarter of the time such as within 6 months.

You will find that coaching follows various processes and depending on the style of coaching it will have various steps. Some basic coaching steps followed are:
  • Achieving the relationship - Rapport is critical in the coaching relationship 
  • Boil down the problem - When we understand what it is that is stopping/blocking us from achieving, then we can solve the problem 
  •  Challenge the solutions - Find resources and creative ways to solve the issues
We start with a ‘chemistry coaching session’ which helps the coach to establish an assessment of your needs and helps both of you to determine, if there is work today and if you can work together, i.e. that there is a good match between you and your coach. You then walk through a coaching process that helps:
  1. Rapport Building - Getting to know each other and understanding what your real issue is
  2. Clarifying our Outcomes – Getting clear about your coaching Goals
  3. Building a Strategy  - Establish a clear coaching program/intervention
  4. Develop a plan - Unpack the key stepping stones required to achieve the Outcome.
  5. Walk through key issues – Clear the key areas holding you back
  6. Closure – Decide with your coach what your way forward is once your coaching process is complete


Find an appropriate coach through a referral or websearch, interview them, have a coffee with them to ensure that you connect and then get started with your coaching and achieving the results that you seek.

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